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Tulum Cenote/Jungle Wedding

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Charmaine & Mike are one of those wedding couples we’ll remember forever. The first thing Charmaine ever said to us was "I don't want a beach weeding and my style is gothic.”

Maju’s initial reaction, on the inside, was “What are they doing in TULUM?? The land of endless white sand beaches.”

We were scratching our heads and also quite excited at the prospect of getting to do something different and new - something we’re always striving for.

We found this beautiful cenote run by a local Mayan family. It was the perfect spot to create the atmosphere the bride wanted - jungle, dark, copal smoke, candles, and most of all a surprising & unique experience for the guests.

After the ceremony, we had arranged for vans to transport everyone over to El Tabano, one of the original “jungle restaurants” in Tulum. The open kitchen style with local Mayan women chefs preparing the dinner was the attraction of the night!

We closed the big day on the dance floor, which we created in between the palm trees.

We LOVED their black and white choice for the wedding party. Very unique and original for the time and the place.

Some of our most memorable moments with Charmaine and Mike were their countless trips to Tulum. It was so much fun to plan the wedding having drinks together and laughing while sharing our lives! We were friends by the end of it all.

Charmaine is a designer. She knew exactly what she wanted and was absolutely detailed on her thousands of emails! It was a huge challenge for our company, the biggest one for sure, but it also was a huge step forward as premiere wedding planners in Tulum. They made us grow, and we love them for that!

Below are some of our favorite images from the talented Rafa Ibanez.

Additional events: We also organized a welcome bonfire at Ziggy’s beach, complete with marshmallows and graham crackers.

Craziest moment about this wedding: There was a huge storm the night before the wedding and the entire cenote flooded! Before our staff could start installing the hundreds of candles we had ordered, we first had to solve this enormous issue all the while ensuring Charmaine and Mike had a relaxing and stress-free day. Our solution - build a stage! It worked out perfectly, but can you imagine our stress levels?!

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