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More About  Us

Maju + Leanne are the passionate owners of LM Weddings

and here you can get to know a little more about each of them personally.

Maju Ravera

Maju, short for Maria Julia, is from Argentina, an organizer, a producer and a self-proclaimed control freak. 


Throughout her life she has been producing everything from radio programs, band shows, tours, to celebrations & weddings. She has always enjoyed being the lead in putting experiences together, so becoming a wedding planner allowed her to channel her gifts + take advantage of those qualities, instead of going crazy!


Organizing a wedding is not the same as organizing a simple event. The emotional factor involved is huge. Maju embodies the notion of becoming the eyes, mouth, wallet, magician, psychologist and best friend to her wedding couples! She strives to make sure their expectations are met or exceeded from location + ambiance to pricing + accommodations.


Every wedding is a new journey. From day one, she focuses on building a strong relationship with the couple and when it comes to saying goodbye, she'll always cry! 


Maju is a true lover of people. She'll make you feel like her best friend in a matter of minutes, and cares deeply about everything in your life.  Getting to know all about the wedding couple from how they met, their vision for the perfect wedding, and what they have planned next is simply part of who she is. 

She's also an avid traveler of the world, committed yogini, and fashionista!


Leanne is a Texas native, Tucson resident, and lover of Mexico. After a couple of years of living in the Riviera Maya, she fully embraced the opportunity knocking on her door and declared, in a moment, that she was now a wedding planner.

She’s been planning, organizing, and coordinating “things” all her life, from summer camps to company parties; she was the go to “social chair” no matter the organization.  Even at her engineering internship, she couldn’t help but decorate the office and plan the costume Christmas parties. 

Efficiency and direct communication are two values that sit at the top of her list.  During the planning process, as well as during the day of, these values ensure that all the moving pieces fall into place beautifully and ON TIME!

Leanne has a knack for bringing a sense of ease to the wedding couple. All the decisions required for planning a destination wedding can be quite overwhelming, but she is able to guide them effortlessly through the process by simply listening intently to their desires and creating a clear plan forward.

And while Leanne’s nickname in college was “Sergeant,” she still brings an element of fun and joy to the whole day.  There’s a moment on wedding day when the work is done, everything is beautiful, and it’s time to party.  That’s when Leanne lets loose and spreads that joy all around.

She’s also really into conscious co-parenting of her little one, YouTube yoga, mindfulness meditation, and exploring the world with her beau. 

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